Fishing in the deep gullies is so easy, even for beginners. There are local gillies to guide the expert where to fish and provide local fresh bait.

The estuary of the Mdumbi river offers boat fishing, shore fishing or just a beautiful surrounding to be part of.

The Bay in front of the cottage offers a launch site for paddle skis.

The forests one passes through before passing through Llwandile on the way to Mgcnibe are great for birding as is the Mdumbi river valley. Longclaws, even the beautiful but uncommon Orange throated, collect insects in the grassland around Mgcnibe cottage and camping.

The walk to the secluded Shelly beach is an experience on its own, the pink mat of shells a sight to behold.

Horses can be hired for a ride through the local community.

We are bordered by 2 “ Secret “ surf spots at Tshani / Mdumdi to the south and Presley’s bay to the north. The 40 minute walk either way is not necessary as the wave right in front is consistent and offers lefts and rights.

The walk to Presley’s bay over the deserted grassland hills is soul inspiring it is so beautiful.

Swimming is protected pools is safe, snorkling in the deep gullies an unspoilt wonder. In season there are crayfish to catch and fish for the spear-fishermen.

Local fishermen offer fish, prawns, oysters and crayfish to our guests.

The mountain biking, scrambling and quad biking on the dirt roads can be the whole family or for the professional.

The Mdumbi Falls are a 40 minute drive inland but are worth a visit.

You could also just relax and read.