Google Waypoint Coordinates: -31.910748, 29.2328511




UMTATA turn onto Port St. Johns road – 5kms

Take NGQELENI turn off (right) – 25kms

Land marks from NGQUELENI onwards – 14kms

Forest [Hairpin bend] – latitude 31,77465 longitude 29,12527 – 1km

Grey Transmission Tower on top of the hill on the right – 1km

Mpoza Sign – 4km

Pink Church on left – 1km

Lower Rainy 1 School in the Gumtrees on the left – latitude 1,79184 longitude 29,16083 – 4km

Red/White signal tower on the hill – 4km

Low level Bridge on the corner
(vegetable garden on the right next to the river) – 1km

Mzotane spaza shop on the right – 1km

Pass sign “Banana” on left – latitude 31,84473 longitude 29,19113 – 2km

Pressley Bay sign at the cross roads keep right. X is scew, it is like going round a bend to your right – 3km

School, Spaza and Clinic – latitude 31,51991 longitude 29,12494

The right fork heading down hill is the main road, take this road. The school and the spaza shop are on your left, if you continue straight you will come to the Mdumbi Store – 500m

MNCQIBE sign turn left – latitude 31,85132 longitude 29,19339 sign post. Road deteriorates and becomes narrow – 3km

Pass white square house and rondavel on left – 1km

Followed by hairpin bend on left – 1km

Drive down hill through bushy forest – 1km

Keep winding on through another small valley with trees and up another long uphill that leads to fork at the top. Take right fork. – latitude 31,98902 longitude 29,2124. There is a square brickwork signpost 800mm hight and 600mm square at this Y junction. The white space for names has no names – 3kms

Y junction – latitude 31,90178 longitude 29,21088. Come to another square brickwork sign post with white square building behind it, School on the right 300 meters away. Turn left. If you turn right at this small brickwork signpost where the signs cannot be read you will pass the School and end up overlooking the Mdumbi River. – 2kms

Pass 2 rusted old 10 ton trucks parked on the left. Follow road down towards the sea for approx 4kms.

Where the Road ends. – latitude 31,90974 longitude 29,23362. Take the vehicle tracks on the right hand side leading up the hill. This will lead you up to the gates.

You have arrived!